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If you've come here, something's probably not working as you'd expect, or you can't connect a device. It's highly likely that someone else has had a similar problem and we've fixed it for them already. So, to solve your issue immediately, please have a look through our knowledge base. 

If you still can't fix your problem, please get in touch by using the "Contact Support" link on this page.

Please let us know what trainer or devices you are trying to connect, if you are using an Apple TV and if your issue is for every ride, or one in particular. 


Knowledge Base

  1. Elite Trainers 

    1. Which Elite trainers does FulGaz work with?
    2. My Elite Direto won't change resistance automatically
  2. General device issues 

    1. FulGaz can't find my Garmin sensors
    2. My Wahoo TICKR X isn't displaying cadence
    3. The climbs seem too hard
    4. My speed is slower in FulGaz than my Garmin
    5. Apple TV video keeps stopping
  3. General FulGaz issues 

    1. Using FulGaz offline
    2. Saving a ride as a favourite ride
    3. No elevation or distance data displayed
    4. How do I unsubscribe?
    5. The difference between Steady, Reactive and Challenge modes
  4. Kickr issues 

    1. My KICKR keeps dropping out all the time
    2. FulGaz can't find my KICKR
    3. My KICKR speed is different to the speed in FulGaz
  5. Kurt Trainers 

    1. The speed in FulGaz is different to my Garmin and my Kurt Trainer
  6. PC Android and Mac 

    1. Is FulGaz available for a Windows PC?
    2. Is FulGaz available for Android?
    3. Can I use FulGaz on my Mac?
  7. Subscriptions and payments 

    1. Does my free trial start from the first ride or when I create an account?
  8. Tacx Trainers 

    1. My Tack trainer speed does not match FulGaz
    2. Tacx connection issues
    3. My Tacx trainer won't work
    4. Is FulGaz compatible with the Satori Smart
  9. Video and download issues 

    1. Some of the videos don't have sound
    2. My video keeps freezing
    3. The videos keep stopping after 30 seconds
    4. Copying files to a computer if you run out of storage
    5. The videos won't stream, they keep stopping
  10. All articles 

    1. Is FulGaz available for a Windows PC?
    2. FulGaz can't find my Garmin sensors
    3. Using FulGaz offline
    4. Some of the videos don't have sound
    5. Updating to a new version of FulGaz
    51 articles 

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